Alphonso Mango

We work for a noble cause of providing toxins free, high quality fruits with international standards to the world community for their health and wellness.

Naturally Grown

and Ripened Fruits


No Chemical Fertilisers used

Fresh & Healthy

Farm Fresh & Ready to Eat

Alphonso Mango

Yearly Season: APRIL - JULY

Our Mangoes reach you fresh from our farms with Zero Chemical Processing. Our Mangoes have a distinguishing Colour and Aroma. Pulp is relatively Thick and Firm in our Mangoes.

Our Alphonso Mangoes

Selva Agro Farm has over a total of 10,000 mango trees  in the farm.

We cultivate Export Quality Mangoes in India as per International Standards with highest quality.

The Pulp is Thick and Firm, hence slices, cubes can be made as easy as slicing butter.

Pulp contains Alpha – Carotene (Vitamin A), various Anti-Oxidants and Easily digestible Natural Sugars. Very less in fats, the fruits contain minerals like Calcium, Iron, Zinc etc.

Naturally ripen mangoes are picked from the trees and immediately packed.
No Carbides Used.

Health Benefits of Mango

High in nutrients, particularly Folate and Vitamin C (One cup - 70% of RDI) hence aids in Immunity, Iron absorption

Mango is rich in Polyphenols, hence they help in prevention of Cancer and Diabetes

Mango is rich in Magnesium, Potassium, Mangoferin

Mango contains enzymes that aid digestion and is rich in Fibre and Water content

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A & C

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